Random thoughts on 3×13

I’m almost worried to tell you my initial reaction after the episode.

‘I want action like that with McGarrett!’ πŸ˜‰

This was one darn great thrill ride. A solid A for me. You are probably wondering why is she giving us her verdict up front? Well, simple, there was no warming up in the episode either, we started right in the middle of it. So, here we go, let’s just dive right in.

I am not an expert on cars, well at least not as much as to tell the difference between a model from 2010 and 2012. Didn’t they say during SOTB that they would get ‘new’ cars? And wasn’t Alex even pointing to ‘his’ new Camaro in the background? At the one with a two colored hood? When are we going to get those new cars, or are these the new ones, and nobody told us? πŸ˜‰

313 - 001

I must confess I’m not a fan of any of the Baldwin brothers, but I think it’s very cool that they were able to get the real brother to play this part. Way to go show. One other thing. Do any of the bad guys really think a gold chain around the neck looks cool or any kind of bad ass? Really guys?

313 - 002

Okay, just some silliness here. Steve, you might hit your target even better if you opened your eyes. πŸ˜‰

313 - 003

Okay, here is my first tiny little beef I have with the show. How deep must one sleep to not wake up if you get handcuffed to the bed? Oh, and have you noticed, Steve and Chin bought the same bed? And they were obviously both unable to put it together properly. Both beds are shaking like crazy even if no acrobatics are happening in it. I would get seasick in a bed like that. πŸ™‚

313 - 004

As I have mentioned numerous times, I am not a Kono fan, and I must say I’m already sick and tired of this ‘romance’. I just don’t buy it. It is not believable in my eyes. Even though I think Adam is a very cool guy, and I wonder what he is up to. But Kono? Well, at least it seems that she is not as stupid as she was since we saw her first with Adam. Maybe there is still hope for her. Maybe. I think their relationship is pretty much over. Now that she broke Adam’s trust.

And of course I would like to know who he was talking to.

313 - 005

Yeah! Catherine’s back. And in uniform. Double YEAH!

313 - 006

Okay, here is a little hint for the wardrobe department; could we please not put Danny in stripes? I don’t know who spread the rumor, but stripes do not make him look taller. He is as tall, or short, for that matter, as he is. Live with it.

And really, Steve, expand your horizons? Wasn’t it you, who almost ran when Kame cooked you breakfast with spam in it in season 1? Now you like it? I think the writers were kind of confused here; I would bet that Steve would never eat spam, unless someone forced it down his throat.

I like to petition for something. Can we please have Steve eat in every episode? I don’t know why, but I simply love it. And talking with his mouth full? He can pull it off. Spam wrapped in a sock. Sounds delicious. LOL

This is for sure not a very nice place for a vacation. Chin Ho locked up inside Halawa? Not a good thing. By the way, does anyone else think that Halawa must be the most unreliable Correction Facility in the entire United States? It seems that everyone can come and go as he pleases. Wo Fat even murdered Hesse in there completely undisturbed. Hess stabbed Steve, and no one was watching. Chin took Delano out without any problem. It seems to me that the institution has a huge problem.

313 - 009

I just realized something. I watched this episode on my big screen without seeing it. But now doing the screen caps, I realize there is no logo on the screen. Why is that? Maybe because the episode was aired at the same time on all coasts? My version is from Canada and normally there is the Global logo on it. Could we please have this more often? Without the logo, I mean. Did any of you watch it with the logo?

313 - 010

Sorry, I couldn’t resist using one of my favorite Steve shots to show the logo. Hope you don’t mind.

313 - 011

Well, hello. Friendly face in an impossible environment. Or is he a foe? We’ll see. One thing is for sure, things will get interesting with him around. Sang Min. He is probably the most popular villain (if you can call him a villain) in the Five-0 fandom.

313 - 012

I’m always amazed what a little difference in haircut and such a nice suit can do for a person. I think Chin looks very different to his normal persona.

313 - 013

And is there anyone out there who didn’t know that he was a bad guy? Didn’t think so.

313 - 014

I’m not so sure what I think of Kono pulling friends into her mess. If she wants to do things that are clearly against the law, like tapping a phone, that is her problem. And hopefully one she will have to pay for later. No immunity and means, and certainly not for her private stuff. I hope this will not get swept under the rug. But to pull her friends into it? She is using Fong, and I don’t like that. She at least should come completely clean and tell him what he will be a part of.

313 - 015


I like to have a little word with the writers please. I get that Chin doesn’t have a good stand in prison. He is a cop. One who put a lot of people behind bars. So, it is clear that a lot of people want to see him dead. I get that. What I don’t get is why doesn’t the same apply to Kaleo, and before that to Delano? That is simply stupid. Kaleo is a dirty cop, yes, but he is still a cop who put people in the very same prison he is in now. Same goes for Delano. And excuse me if I say that Kaleo doesn’t strike me as THE man. He was not a big wig when he was arrested; he was only a small stupid guy who got paid to warn the drug cartel of investigations or raids. And suddenly he has free reign in prison and practically runs the joint? Sorry, but I think that is ridiculous. And it looks like Chin is also a bit surprised about it.

Chin said something interesting before they started their fight. He said that good men died because of Kaleo, and he surely is right about that. And he said ‘you belong here. I don’t’. Well, Chin that is debatable. Does that mean in your eyes it only counts when ‘good’ men get killed? May I remind you that YOU killed a person in cold blood? I think it is very questionable if Chin belongs behind bars or not. Shouldn’t every human life be worth the same? Is it okay to kill a bad guy, but punishable to kill a good guy? I think the writers’ moral is pretty screwed up. I can easily overlook crimes in the name of the greater good, like stealing ten million to get Chin free. Or lying to the Feds, or other ‘crimes’. But Chin killed a person. He fired his shot gun into the person’s face. That was cold blooded murder. And if he is getting away with it, the writers should at least not paint him as if he didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t belong behind bars.

But I must admit these two fighting was pretty cool.

This next scene totally made me laugh. How stupid did they cuff these two together? Look at the handcuffs. They are cuffed above the pipe. They only need to get up and walk around the pole, and can move freely around the room. Why not cuff them below the pipe? This is just stupid. I know, I should probably not care about such trivia things, but I do. Because I would never get away with writing something like that. πŸ˜‰

313 - 020


I loved that they brought up The Pilot; the scene that plays right into my opinion that Chin, despite his Zen attitude is pretty uncontrolled and of a violent nature. I’m not even starting to talk about his preferences to shot guns. Back then he hit Sang Min with an ashtray, an act that was not called for in any way. I liked it that Sang Min got back to him for that. Maybe I should clear something up, I love Chin. But he is not what he seems. And I’m looking forward to see what else will be happening with this character.

313 - 021


She didn’t actually break privilege; it is her duty to call in help if she sees a danger to her patient. I think it’s great that we learned that Chin went out to get help with his grief. It is just a pity that he thought he would look week if he told anyone.

Alarming Five-0 finally gets the search for Chin going. It’s about time.

Meanwhile at Halawa Chin and Sang Min fight for survival during the riot in the hope that help will be coming from the outside. Those were pretty cool scenes. Lots of extras, lots of stuntmen doing a great job.

I liked it that Fong was so busy in this episode. He is a recurring character I really like. He and Max are great additions to the show. Thinking about it, I think they are generally doing a pretty good job finding the right guys for the roles. Except for the one or other guest star, but that should be a different post.

Now they pull in all the help they can get. And they better do, doesn’t look good for Chin right now.

One thing is for sure, they will be looking at one hell of a clean-up job after this riot. I think the set department did a great job making us believe we’re looking at a prison under attack from the inmates. Great job, guys.

Look who we found. Of course Chin has to help that doctor; he wouldn’t be Chin if he didn’t. Every decent person would have gone to her aid. Do I even want to think what would have happened to her in the next few minutes? No, I don’t think so.

313 - 029


I’m a little bit torn about this stylistic device they were using for the second time after 3×06. On the one hand I like the colors and the fast-forward of the scenes, but on the other hand, we have already seen what has happened. They are kind of wasting valuable time. Time which they could have used for new material. What do you think? Do you like to see those scenes twice?

313 - 030


Steve was right. Find Delano… find Kelly. Didn’t take them long to figure out where he is.

313 - 031


I think this is where Chin made a stupid, almost fatal mistake. Why send her to open the door and stay back? To ward off who? There was no one there yet. It was just stupid to separate and stay back. That is what I really don’t like in writing a scene. This simply wouldn’t happen. All three would have gone to the door, open it as fast as possible and slip out. No one in his right mind would stay back and wait for inmates who they can’t even see yet. And of course the guard is back and Chin gets captured. Could have told you that back at the door.

Now we’re talking! Five-0 on the scene. What kind of lame ass Chief of Halawa was that? He was totally in over his head, and I hope this will have consequences for him. They didn’t really think they could stop Five-0 from getting to their man, did they?

Could I get another petition going? Please put Steve in a helicopter every other episode. I just love seeing him fly.

Really doesn’t look good for Chin. His team mates better hurry if they want to get him out of there alive. And seeing these scenes I got really worried that they would kill off Sang Min. That would have been a shame.

This is my favorite scene of the episode. Five-0 flying in to the rescue and Duke smiling knowingly. I just loved that. And I’m so very happy that we see Duke so often.

Those were some great fight and rescue scenes. ‘One more’ – I was really hoping that Sang Min had waited for Five-0. He had a real good chance to get out of there legally. Now he is on the run again. I’m a little disappointed about that.

After all the action and drama it was time for a little light ending. Even though it felt kind of rushed.

Poor Chin. He also had to be subjected to Kamekona’s new experiment, hopefully it will not hinder his recovery. I don’t think there is a new love interest for Chin in the near future, but I wouldn’t mind to see her again.

With all the excitement going on I almost forgot about these two. As I said earlier their relationship is doomed. Frankly, I never saw the love between them. You don’t gag and bound the one you love. You don’t threaten to kill the boss and friend of the one you love. You don’t spy on the one you love. And I think they both know it is over.

313 - 053


Storyline: I guess there wasn’t really a crime of the week. But the storyline was great. Put a cop in prison and see how he’s faring. Great idea, even though they make it all look so easy to get him into Halawa. But after all that happened there I don’t question that anymore. πŸ˜‰

Action: I don’t think anyone can complain about lack of action in this one. This was one hell of a ride. Great stunt work as usual.

Guest-Star: none to mention.

Fun factor: Well, fun might the wrong word, but this was an episode to enjoy.

Awe-factor: That was for me when they flew in to get their man. They don’t care about protocol or anything when one of their own is in danger. And it was a great scene with the helicopter over the prison.

Steve-Awesomeness: I’m going to change this to Chin-Awesomeness for this one. Chin for the win.

Support group: Call in all the resources they have, and everyone from Fong, over Kame to Cath is willing to help any way they can. Great.

Personal Enjoyment: I loved this episode. A solid A for me. Sure, I could have done with more Steve, but I’m always saying that, so it doesn’t count. Chin was great in this episode, and he deserved this one. An episode of his own, and what a great one it was. Well done.


I would love to know what you thought about this episode. Use the comment function if you like to share your opinion.

Please forgive me any grammar or spelling mistakes. If there is anything in it you just can’t live with, please let me know and I’ll correct it.

9 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 3×13

  1. ok, I guess I can start now. πŸ™‚ I do agree with what you said. Let me see if I can comment and add anything worthwhile… probably not. πŸ™‚
    First thing, I’m staring at that gorgeous picture of his eyes, and then you start talking about the car and it’s like, “who cares… Look at the eyes…” I thought we had a new car when the season opened, but then again, I don’t know new Camaros. Although my first car was a steel gray Camaro and I *loved* that car.
    Agreed, don’t like the Baldwins… or the Delanos, but it was neat that they chose a brother to play a brother. My first thought was “you’re dead” and then I realized what they were doing.
    Love the capture of Steve with his eyes closed. That was great work!
    I wondered about Chin sleeping through getting handcuffed. Maybe they managed to drug him the night before, because if 2 people can get into a cop’s house and get that close while he sleeps… well, he is one deep sleeper!
    I will ignore all the Kono and Adam crap. Makes no sense. And really, how many guys do you know who love bubblebaths?
    Love Fong… and Max… and Duke. They need to keep those guys around.
    Kame’s food. Really, guys, how many times are you going to try thiese concoctions? I’m with Danny. You’re right… NOW Steve decides to try it? Probably because his girlf… his friend was sitting there, brave enough to eat it. He can’t appear to be a wuss.
    ok, I know I’m writing out of order… my brain is bouncing all over the place.
    The head guy at Halawa was a Moron with a capital “M”. I’m surprised Steve didn’t deck him. LOVE that Duke was there… and that smile on his face. Was he the only one who knew what was going on? the director had said no flying over the prison, and then this black chopper swoops in and no one says a thing? Did they not SEE Kame’s big, old round face on that bird???
    And then chopper swoops back out, and STILL no acknowledgement???

    Random: was really afraid they were going to find Sang Min dead. And that would have been a loss. He’s someone I just love to hate. Especially after Alex described him as being this super nice guy and when he puts on that slimy wig, he turns into this sleazebag of a person. I like Sang Min!
    Now… one question… don’t you think an infirmary in a prison would have a PHONE for… oh, say EMERGENCIES???? That was dumb. Really stupid.
    And yes, those guys hanging back there, THINKING someone might come around the corner? Poor planning. At least give them someone to fight.

    Chin had to run around and save everyone after being shanked. Kaleo must have taken notes from Hesse on the exact place to stab. It was a good fight scene, though. And I have to say, I like Chin’s hair uncoiffed… if that is a word.

    I was afraid Sang Min was dead, so when I realized he cut his gorgeous hair and walked out of there, I was glad. He’ll be back…

    The hospital scene was good. But I’m sure that food may have set his recovery back a day or so. And, if the prison nurse turns back up in the future, I wouldn’t be opposed. The bit with the file was cute. Chin needs something good in his life. Although their “where we met” story would be a bit strange.

    And then *they* were back. OH! What was up with Kono’s butt-ugly pants??? If I were her, I would be afraid to drink the wine Adam pours. someday soon, it may be mixed with something else… but I foresee Adam’s time as limited.

    ok, is that all? I went way overboard once again. But you make me rant. πŸ™‚


    • Oh, I love you in rant mode. πŸ™‚

      LOL about the phone in the infirmary. Yeah, that might come in handy once in a while. Didn’t even think about that.

      Yeah, I guess not much more of Adam, which is a shame, he’s great, just not as a guy with Kono. Good villian though.


  2. Adam is great. And cute as a button. And if he was only Yakuza, I can understand her going for him. What I *cannot* accept is that he duct taped her to a chair while planning to kill her boss and friend and the next episode we see her giggling into the phone about how he should bring her flowers to payback the chair bit. What kind of co-dependent, weak, wussy female is she anyway???

    Want to take bets on who kills him?


  3. I loved this ep, but you’re right i would also love to see action like that with McG. I also loved the scene with Duke, just great. it is the new Camaro, the inside is a little bit different then the model from the past two seasons πŸ™‚


    • Thanks for the info. I thought the head rests looked slightly different. But I was hoping for a different color, or something other that was more ‘visible’. πŸ˜‰


  4. I enjoyed this ep because it was action-packed and it gave DDK the chance to be front and centre. He’s woefully under-utliised, I reckon. I didn’t really get the Kaleo thing and wished the guy in prison running the show had just been another crim that Chin had put away. It didn’t make much sense for it to be Kaleo especially when he kept banging on about dirty cops. Ah, that’s you, mate!. That McG didn’t know that Chin was seeking therapy was unforgivable, though. I liked Sang Min even though I’m probably not supposed to – for the second week running, too.


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