Let’s party !


I hope this is the real deal. Here’s to two more seasons of Five-0.

Oh, and congrats Mr. Lenkov. Still no word on season five, but come on.

Season 5 and 6

Credit to deadline / Hollywood


2 thoughts on “Let’s party !

  1. Did you see what I found yesterday afternoon, saying it seemed to be a sure bet for another season?
    I truly hope so.

    Come on, Mr. Lenkov, tell us as soon as you know!!!

    But I’m always up for a party. ☺



  2. I’m happy to read this. So hoping it means the renewal of Five-0. One can never be too sure with the CBS, yet I don’t think they would be so stupid to let one of their top shows go.

    I this it’s a major step in the right direction. Wonderful deal for Peter – well deserved.

    I hope we can break out those glasses soon to celebrate season 5!


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