6.12 promo pics and BTS video

Thanks to SpoilerTV for the promo pics and the video. You can also watch it in HD on the CBS YouTube site, international viewers need an unblocker to watch it.



6 thoughts on “6.12 promo pics and BTS video

  1. Oh, I hope this means we’ll finally be treated to a good episode. Is that Kavika in one of the pics? It sorta looks like him but then it doesn’t. Or maybe I just haven’t paid attention to his side profile.


    • Yes it is Kawika. He does somehow look a little different, but I saw somewhere on-line that he was in this.

      I love Carol and Aunt Deb, but if this is super sad I’m gonna have trouble. I swear they kill off, or send away, every actor who plays a character McG loves…I mean end the freakin torture, Show!

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      • I hope they don’t kill her off either. It doesn’t really make sense to do so at this point. I’m no cancer expert, but if Aunt Deb was diagnosed basically 2 years ago and she refused treatment, I’m not sure realistically she’d still be here. Yeah, I know, what does reality have to do with it. The bottom line is, I loved Steve’s Dad, Doris majorly sucked, so he needs an elder female family member who rocks–and that’s Aunt Deb. Clearly the coolness came from the Dad’s side of the family. 😎


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