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As we learned Season 8 will be without Chin and Kono. To be honest, not a huge surprise. At least about Kono. I think that was clear as day that she wouldn’t come back.

With Chin I hoped they would bring him back, but worried that it wouldn’t happen.

I won’t speculate why they didn’t renew their contacts because quite frankly it is not my place to judge. Without facts it’s just stupid blabla to say the one or other thing. And we won’t get any facts. That is the only fact. 😉

Am I sad about this? Well, I am surely sad not to see Steve and Chin working together in season 8. They were a great team.

Honestly, I won’t miss Kono. Her non-existing story with or without Adam was just not my thing at all. I never warmed up to her character.

But I wish Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park the very best for their future.

Let’s welcome the new characters with open minds. Who knows, we might actually really like them.

‘Hawaii Five-0’ shocker: Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim exit ahead of season 8


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  1. It is sad to see them go, but like you stated, not a surprise. I wish them both lots of luck and success. I did like Kono in season 1 when she was learning and was the young cool girl on the task force . The moment they connected her to Adam it went downhill. His story became her story amd the character faded away. Chin will be greatly missed. I will miss his adult interaction with McG. Those scenes were always a favorite. The upside is Chin got his happily ever after. I’m ok with that. I am curious how the dynamic will change and what the new characters will bring. No doubt show will feel different.

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    • For me the initial connection with Adam was kind of an interesting twist, but they kept him on the show for far too long. And then they had to use him to get Kono a getaway reason for not being there for half a season, in order for Grace to have a baby.
      After that Grace had, I guess, a reduced scheduke on the show, and her character never recovered because of that. Truly sad that they could keep the story for a female lead going strong without her losing her personality to a husband.


      • Even the women writers on Show don’t care about women. The fact that NONE of the writers ever thought about pairing up Kono and Cath for a case is also unbelievable. That would’ve made an awesome episode.


      • I agree about Adam – as usual with this show, they bring in someone as an antagonist and then suddenly the character is all buddy biddy with everyone one 5-0. It makes the characters and the story less interesting. Adam would have been so much better if he were still a bad guy.

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  2. Really I felt Grace would not be coming back. As hope for the best of her. But still Daniel leaving is a shock. And really think CBS and Peter L left both of them, in particular Daniel whom up to this point was in every episode, hung out to dry.
    Really hoped that the show would give them a happy send off and also the door to come back as recurring characters. But really will give the show one more chance to see what it will be like. It will be different will tell you that and not lie. But it will feel really hard to watch it without those two. In particular Chin. Loved he and Steve together. And wished both of them would had teamed up many more times and was looking forward to season 8.
    Just wonder how it will effect the fans of the show? That is the question. Good luck to Grace and Daniel.


  3. Amazing how badly this was handled. The PR is atrocious. And kinda BS.

    They lost BOTH cos no raise? They could lose one and thus give more $ to the other. But they didn’t consider that? Or give the actors Scott’s deal, and let them work fewer eps but still make a little more $ per ep and have free time to do other projects. But only Scott gets that deal? So now they do look racist…and may be racist for all we know. Show has ALWAYS been sexist and I’m sure Grace made less than DDK, btw.

    And the reports keep saying the 2 actors wanted pay parity with Alex and Scott. They both deserve MORE than Scott. He’s never there and he ruins the eps he is in. But Alex works double what anyone else on set works. No one deserves Alex’s salary unless they put in the time and take the risks he’s taken. But does Scott make what Alex makes? It’s a colossal waste of $$ if he does. Scott should be the least paid! He works the least and adds the least. 🙄

    So I’m saying cluster-f*uck all around. Alex is somehow being blamed by a group of the Enraged. Show looks racist. It’s now gonna be hard for any new character to get traction. And Show is down its only female…after already stoopidly ditching the few females it once had. So the misogyny gets covered up by the racism charges. PLenkov probably considers that a bright spot in this whole disaster.

    Good luck in this final year of your contract, Alex. God bless you in this mess.

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    • Yeah and what I do not understand if why they have not made Alex like a producer of the show? Heard some while back he would had been a producer. But he has yet to be named one. With all of what he is put through in physical stunts and acting that is. Show is built around him. And yes it seems not just the show but the producer Peter L is a sexist.

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      • YES! Why ISNT Alex a producer? Some very suspicious $$ crapola going on. Looking at you, PLenkov. And remembering how you implied Show could go on without Alex.

        I think this man’s ego really leads him to believe he can ditch his cast and the audience will stay for…what exactly, PLenkov? The writing? 😆 The 312th kidnapping SL? The 1millionth lame-ass cargument? The next worthless quirky loser bro-dude you force-wedge onto the team? More blatant misogyny and womenlessness? Scott’s disappearing hair? 🙄

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        • “Scott’s disappearing hair?” Lmao! Ok, so I can’t stop laughing and therefore it is obvious I won’t go to heaven let me add: At least something’s disappearing. Little by little, who knows?

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    • Still can’t like, so – LIKE!
      It sounds like there’s more to it.
      NO WAY Scott deserves what Alex makes and neither do Daniel and Grace. That thought is just mind boggling!

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    • For me it would be a slap in Alex’s face for his hard work on the show and for the load he is carrying if anybody is getting or if anybody is demanding equal pay to him. I think if that is or was the case, it can be seen as disrespectful to him.
      And those enraged ones who keep suggesting that Alex should have taken a paycut in order for the others to get more, are even more disrespectful to him and the financial reward that he is getting for his hard work and dedication over many years on this show and before,

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    • The PR is ridiculous! Lenkov just released a statement saying Grace and Daniel were offered “unprecedented” raises. I feel like they need to play this better, his attempt at changing the narrative is going to attract even more bad press–if that’s even possible at this point. Completely agree with you on the point about Scott, by the way. I still can’t believe he was put on the same level as Alex as the benchmark.

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  4. This news made me sad but 5-0 is not the only show that has let people go this season. It seems to be common practice when a show has been on the air for a number of seasons. I will miss Daniel the most, his Chin Ho Kelly was a favorite from the start. I am pretty sure this will be the final season. I think PL is happy with his new toy and is ready to kiss 5-0 goodbye, in spite his saying it could go on for years. That is his ego talking. It will be a very strange season 8 and I hope we get decent closure.

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    • and by decent closure I hope you mean a HEA for a ship many of us here love.. 🙂 I am sad to see the 2 actors and their characters go and a bit shocked that they couldn’t come up with a compensation package satisfactory to all. The optics are terrible, makes CBS and show look cheap and lacking the foresight to keep some cast that at least LOOKS Hawaiian, despite not being native Hawaiians. I too will especially miss the interactions of Chin and McG.. plus the connection of PapaMcG between them. Danno could’ve left and the show would be fine as IMO the much touted bromance has lost all appeal. I saw a comment on the Variety article that is dead on… “now show is just 2 bickering haoles ” . I’m so not in favor of the McD*nn0 show! Not even Alex’s appeal can save that!

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  5. WOW we knew that Grace was leaving we had enough clues. Daniel was a shock and real sad that he is leaving as well. Alex and Daniel are my 2 fav characters and love the chemistry between them and all their scene together. Looks like Alex might have a bigger work load again. Ono by one all my fav characters are leaving and we are left with Jerry, Scott . I loved the chemistry between the core 4 right from the start but it will be very different now. I hope the new female character is not a dumb blond or a love interest for Steve if that happens then I won’t watch. I might watch the first episode to see what it is like. Now I hope season 8 is the last season for Five 0

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  6. I was shocked about Chin, but not Grace. She said she met with PL recently about her status and no decision had been made. That makes me believe she was willing to stay for some type of concession but CBS decided to cut them both loose. My preference would have been for Danny to move back to New Jersey open that Italian restaurant with Rachel’s divorce settlement and not lose Chin. Now there is no reason for Abby or Sara or Adam. Three more actors without parts. They are bringing a Kono-like replacement and I hope people will be kind and give her a chance. As long as she keeps her hands off McGarrett, she is safe from the McDannos and the Abc’s can have a new ship. I so love watching them scurry,

    Have they blamed Cath for any of this yet? She must have left Kono and Chin to be beheaded or lied to them or broken their hearts or some other horrible thing only they know about but will tell us as soon as all eight of them and their sock puppet accounts firm up their story.

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      • No matter how much we will miss them, the 9+ million who watch on Friday night are not as invested in individual characters as we are. As long as AOL is willing to stay, no one will be missed, including Dannoying. But even if Danno hopefully leaves, he will be a constant reminder because McG will be able to hear his constant whining through his liver. I wonder just what kind of a deal DC worked out this time.

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  7. They’re going to have to be real careful in how they add to the cast because of both potential fan reaction and the racial aspects of their departure and potential replacements. They need to bring in characters that are likable and have good chemistry with the remaining team but aren’t cheap imitations of Chin Ho/Kono since many fans don’t want to have their contributions to the show being glossed over or seen as easily replaced. They also can’t hire white actors to replace the cast’s only Asian members since it’d look like whitewashing and it’d make the team seem unrepresentative of the state’s ethnic diversity (Hawaii’s population is 1/3 Asian, 1/10 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and over 2/10 multi-racial.)

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  8. All of these decisions were based on the bottom line. They are cold and not personal. I think that we may be getting a signal that this is the end but I hope not. I believe the new Kono clone character may be be Asian American and I would not be surprised if Duke is not added to the team.

    The real problem has always been the lack of gender equality. Strong women have no place in H50 world. They made Gov. Jameson, one of my favorites, corrupt, and made Jenna Kaye betray McGarrett. Doris came back from the dead as a bad Mother’s Day gift. Rachel lied about Charlie’s paternity and the Governor’s assistant was blown to bits. Chin’ wife, Malia was murdered. Lori went from a Profiler who was supposed to keep an eye on the team to an embarrassing puddle at MGarrett’s feet. Dr, Gray was a psychopath and Alicia Brown was FBI but did some of the most stupid and dangerous things that nearly got McGarrett killed. Mary McGarrett is a flake who can’t keep a job but was allowed to adopt a baby. Lynn and Amber/Melissa are used as sex objects. Cath was made to be a heartless woman who left Steve and broke his heart.

    And how ridiculous to think that everyone should be paid the same amount as AOL. You get paid paid based on what you bring to the table. The more valuable you are, the more you get,

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    • And I’d counter your statement by saying that DDK and Grace have earned equal pay with the contributions they’ve brought the past few seasons with AOL being limited physically, Caan missing his 4-6 episodes a season, and McBride’s older age. They have more than ably filled any void in the story and action due to the others’ physical and time limitations. Many viewers are rightfully upset that it seems DDK and Grace’s work is being overlooked and underappreciated by the execs and are seen as easily expendable and replaceable.

      It’ll be interesting to see if we ever hear the full story of what happened behind the scenes and if the other cast members tried to stick up for them. If it comes out that they didn’t help fight for them to get a well-deserved raise, I think CBS will see that the ratings won’t look as favorable as they have because of how this possibly went down. With there likely only being a couple seasons left and the amount of money the show has made for CBS, it’s not like they couldn’t afford the short-term pay increase that likely would have kept the ratings high and the advertising/syndication/licensing dollars flowing.


  9. Peace to you, Eric.

    My mother always had away to end any disagreement between people who firmly held different opinions. It was not unique to her, so many of you may know it. “You go to your Church, and I will go to mine.”

    We simply look at the same situation and see it differently. Since it appears to me that CBS has already signaled the end after S8, then whatever they could or could not afford doesn’t matter. They refused to pay it. And I cannot see how blaming AOL or SC for a network decision should be held against them if they stayed out of negotiations which were none of their business.

    CBS is a Corporation and their allegiance is to their stockholders, not the fans.

    Happy 4th to everyone. The Adirondacks call me and I will be off the grid for a while.

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    • I agree with you Mama. AOL and even SC may not even known about the salary disputes of Grace and Daniel. We have no idea if pay was discussed between the actors. It was not their job to negotiate for others. Given PL’s attitude toward AOL, not even wanting to find out about Alex’s comments about being done after 8 seasons, I’m sure Alex’s opinion on this subject carried no weight.

      Have a great time off the grid Mama.

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    • Don’t take my comments as being antagonistic towards you. It’s more just being upset at CBS for not keeping the team intact for potentially the final season (or two) and how little vocal support DDK and Grace have been getting from people close to the show or within the industry.


    • hmm…. Adirondacks??? we need to talk! I’m up there just about every other weekend. Hope you are enjoying yourself and keeping those nasty black flies at bay!


  10. The accusations being made by some that Alex or Scott did nothing to support DDK and GP bother me. 1st of all.. we don’t know that they didn’t and to assume so is wrong. 2nd, it wasn’t their business to be in as mamayorkie said. I do agree with Eric that DDK and GP pick up the slack on action sequences, storylines, etc.. especially in Scott absent episodes
    That being said the way I see show is it it THE MCG STORY. why he came back to Oahu, what’s happened in his life. Danny, Chin, Kono, et al are accessories to that story. The best eps always relate to McG mythology, danno presence or not.
    I can certainly see why DDK and GP could expect the same compensation as Scott since he contractually appears in fewer eps and someone has to pick up that time. Its very unfair to make assumptions about negotiations we were; and never will be; privy too by accusing Alex and Scott of doing nothing though
    I will miss both of them in future eps

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    • Very well said D.
      Times like this, that I understand very well why Alex avoid social media at all cost.
      Can you just think of all the crap that would have been posted to him with all the assumptions being made at the moment.

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  11. I already wrote this in AOL-IS but these are my feelings about this matter.

    I’m in shock with the news. Especially about Daniel. We had hints at the end of the filming of season 7 about Grace. I knew that is was time to both negotiate their contracts. My thoughts were that both wanted a contract more similar to Scott or even in Grace’s case to be a recurring character. Grace because her family and Daniel because of his new show The Good Doctor. It never crossed my mind that we would lose both at the same time and for a different motive. I think this situation is very sad to all.

    As a viewer i lost my second favorite H50 character – Chin Ho Kelly. I will miss terribly the scenes between Steve and Chin. Alex and Daniel always made it so well and so especial. As a fan i lose watching Daniel, the one that spoiled us with photos, videos, quotes of BTS and always was gracious with the fans. As a woman really makes me sad that we lost the only female main character despite that i never been a fan of Kodam storyline. In short we lost the 3 asian actors at the same season.

    There is a saying that “the show must go on” but after loosing half on the main cast when the motto is about Ohana/family – one for all and all for one, when we had witnessed the true friendship of the cast and crew, the commitment and work ethic, the gratitude and respect of Daniel and Grace it will be very hard to watch the beginig of season 8. I want to wish all the best to Daniel and Grace and say thank you for their work in this seven years.

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    • Well said, babe.

      Chin was integral to the McG character. His link to his daddy during their years of being so far apart. And over the years, Chin gave him comfort that McDaddy loved and thought of his son often.

      The 100th ep, 5:07, let us know that the estrangement from McDaddy (not his Mamas death), and his longing for closer times to know and experience his dad, is the driving force in McG’s life. It’s why he stayed in Hawaii, built 5-0 around loyalty and Ohana, and stayed in that house. When he went into his drug dreams, he either saw his dad or worked to protect and be near his dad. When at the end he awakened from passing out, he cried out for his dad.

      I hope Show will show McG’s pride in Chin’s big promotion, but also will show how much Chin will be missed by McG.

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  12. Have to say I might be in the minority to feel sort of happy to hear DDK and GP leaving. Just because this makes it now even more likely to be the final season of the show. I can´t wait to see Alex move on. I doubt DDK or GP are too sad to leave, who knows, maybe they just took their chances with asking for more money, and being prepared to leave if their requests were not met, kind of win win, moving on to more interesting career choices.
    Only thing I am a bit worried for, is the crap coming Alex´s way. But I trust his wonderful personality will win in the end.
    I hope Alex´s wish, for ending H50 while it is still a “hot” show, will come true.
    I can´t wait for season 8 to kill off Steve 😛


    • You know, I find it kind of amusing that people assume that after Five-0 Alex will move on to better and bigger things.
      Ever thought that he might retire from the entertainment world? Or at least from in front of the camera? I can see him doing something entirely different.
      After H50 we might not see him again.
      Don’t be too happy about the show ending, it might be the last you see of him.
      He was very clear about not leaving Hawaii, and I can see him simply being with his family for a few years. I don’t see him as a person who needs validation through work in entertainment.
      He might start working with Egan, or for his wife, or will do something completely different.
      I will enjoy every minute I can get him on screen. It will be be over at one point, but I can’t be happy about because many people, many families will be affected by the end of the show.
      If I will ever reach the point not liking it anymore I will simply walk away. I surely will not hope for it to end because many others still do love it.
      Personally I don’t think the show will take a hit with them both leaving. Others will come and fill their place.
      And all this talk about ohana among the actors, producers, whatever? It’s a freaking business, nothing more. People come and go. And it’s ridiculous to think anyone should pitch in to give an actor a raise. You wouldn’t talk to your boss to give your co-workers a raise. How stupid is that thought. Sometimes I think this Fandom totally lost touch to reality.

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      • I so agree Sam. We have no clue if Alex has been rejecting offers in his off time or not. We all believe he has the talent to do many things but we don’t know if he is in demand. I do fear we might not see him for awhile if ever. I have become very used to having him on my TV every week. I will be sad to see 5-0 end, movies are so expensive and few and far between sometimes since I don’t see Alex as a workaholic.

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      • I’m not so sure some of the first folks suggesting Alex cough up cash for the cuzzes are actually 5-0 fans. I think they may have been advocates for Asian actors. They didn’t seem to really know much about Alex or Scott, including Scott’s odd deal. They wanted to make sure the parting was cast in a discriminatory light and thus to gig their cause and create more outrage and publicity. Which is not a bad thing from their perspective, but wasn’t a good thing from Alex’s perspective, or ours, his fans. TPTB in Hollywood likely know, far better than us, what really happened. This campaign was meant merely to rally public consciousness, not to change this particular done deal. Some in the fandom merely reacted to the rallying cry. As the sheeple so many of them are.

        Cos yes. Actors splitting up salaries isn’t how it works…even tho it was done once, in far different circumstances than this. In the long run, it would in fact weaken actors’ bargaining powers. TPTB are TPTB. That ain’t changing.

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        • Huh. Interesting. I’ve been reading the various articles about Show’s news…most folks are sad to lose the cuzzes. More devotion to DDK than Grace, but she has some ardent fans too.

          Many are upset CBS (or in the case of one confused fan, NBC) won’t cough up the cash. Twitter seemed to have more folks fired up about the diversity issue, tho. Less of that on news websites. Again a few…but compared to twitter only a very few…are bitching Alex &Scott shouldn’t make more. Most folks seemed to get Alex is the star.

          MANY posts that Scott shouldn’t make more $$ than DDK &Grace, cos he’s 1) so often absent, 2) a terrible actor (and in a few posts a terrible human), 3) Danno is a lousy whiny annoying character.

          Gotta say I hope the damn writers read some of this. If they’ve lost the popular cuzzes, let’s not double down on ruining Show by writing more unpopular carguments with unpopular Danno to fill the empty space. 🙄

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          • I already know they’ll be having more McG/Danno carguments because the writers still think that’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of the show. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them use Jerry out in the field more to play up the comedy of him being so unlike the other team members. I also forsee them having a few situations where the new female series regular makes the remaining members of the team look lost, foolish, or incapable to play up just how capable they really are as the replacement.


            • Ugh, the writers need to step back and actually watch the carguments with a disassociated eye. They’ve become cringe-worthy for a long time now

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              • I second your Ugh, Kimmer. Eric, you are probably right, cos the writers seem entranced by their own self-perceived cleverness with the carguments…which in reality are not even slightly clever and, according to all I just read, are NOT enjoyed by most of the fandom. But the writers wear earplugs, apparently. 🙄

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      • I too think that we won’t see Alex in front of a camera much after H50. I personally hope I’m wrong about that, but I think he’s going to be behind the cameras after this.

        The Ohana thing gets taken way too far. These people are going to WORK, with their CO WORKERS. It’s not a family – they may give “Ohana” and “family” lip service, but these people all have real family and friends. Fans are taking all of this way too personally – as you said, it’s a business. And who knows what they were looking for in the equity department – these contracts are so much more than just dollars – I’m sure there were many different things that came together for DDK and GP to make their decision.

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  13. Sam – you said it best – we will NEVER know the whole story, and I suspect we know a tiny percentage of it to begin with.

    I will miss DDK – I have loved Chin from day one. DDK plays Chin with a calm confidence that I find to make the show very grounded – which is something needed with this show that can get “out there” more often than not. I wish him well – he’s been very successful in his career and I see no reason for him not to continue.

    Like most everyone, I’m not surprised at Grace Park exiting the show – I’ve gotten a feeling from her the past years that she is less than thrilled with the show, and her talents are really wasted on H50. As usual with women on this show, Kono in her own right mostly disappeared once Adam came on the scene. It’s disturbing, this pattern that some of us see.

    This whole behind the scenes stuff is not as cut and dried as people are making it out to be. The vitriol being spewed at… everyone, from everyone and the experts stating their opinions as fact is just comical and tiring. I’m sure that agents and entertainment lawyers are just clamoring for these people’s apparent vast knowledge of how the industry works.

    I wish I were optimistic about the new character coming in – I REALLY wish it wasn’t being written as a Kono re-make. I wish a lot of things for this show.

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  14. I read so many negative comments on Alex and Scott on different websites these few days, saying that they didn’t stood by Daniel and Grace, or they don’t worth that much, or they should take pay cut and give Daniel and Grace what they want and etc.

    I really don’t understand how things can turn up this way, and why would any fans of the show said that. In this kind of situation, no one knows 100% what actually happened, even the reason of them leaving is also not confirmed by any of the cast member. Besides, i think in reality, main cast usually gets to be paid more than supporting. I know many think that Daniel and Grace are much more famous than Alex, but the reality is, Alex is the main cast. So, why can’t he be paid more, and considering his workload are much higher, so doesn’t this contribute to higher pay? If this is not qualify for higher pay, then I don’t know what is. I won’t comment on Scott as he managed to get the deal with CBS despite everything, so good for him.

    That been said, i think its totally unfair to blame this incident on the remaining cast. CBS is the one refused equal pay, not Alex, or Scott or even PL. So, why blamed them? If talk about not stood by them, do Grace or Daniel inform Alex or Scott about any of this before they negotiate? Honestly, i don’t think so. Even yes, how do any of us know whether Alex and Scott stood up or not to help their coworkers? Maybe they did, but to no avail? News or magazine tends to leave out this kind of information to tune up heat of the story.

    Even they are willing to take a pay cut for this, if CBS doesn’t want to pay equally, whatever pay cut they sacrificed is only meant to be less payroll for CBS. it won’t affect the decision of CBS or Daniel and Grace. Alex and Scott willingness to sacrifice their pay doesn’t equal to CBS willingness to pay them equally. I seriously doubt anyone that suggest those things ever work in their life. If yes, how come they can’t grasp the reality here?

    My apologies for the long comment, and sorry if i offended anyone here.

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    • I agree with you.

      The folks bitching online are, as you say, not really informed. We have no idea what went down, or even when all this happened.

      Moreover folks demanding Alex give up pay are actually confused or ignorant about how this works. Alex’s contract negotiation happened last year. So he wasn’t involved in this. And he IS the lead. He works the most hours, has the most lines, and in Show biz tradition, makes the most $$.

      Folks are also not understanding a couple of incidents where stars did join together on salary issues. One is Friends. The 6 main actors banded together at some point and all demanded raises and the same raises…they were all equals within the Show and didn’t want TPTB to divide and conquer and they all ended up getting $1m per ep. Great, but rare, such success story.

      The other incident they keep harping on, they misunderstand. A few years ago, the lead cast of BigBangTheory all (a la Friends) banded together to get $1mil per ep. Recently, those same leads banded together, and gave up a small bit of their per ep rate, to get better rates for the next rung down of co-stars. The 5-0 haters right now think the stars and co-stars all make the same now. They’re wrong. The co-stars (the DDK and GP versions of TBBT) do not make what the leads do. They make around half of what the leads make. So those calling for Alex’s head do not even know what they’re talking about. Their “moral” story is inaccurate.

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    • I think people are misunderstanding the concept of equality. It doesn’t mean equal pay. it means they want the same consideration.

      Example – The Variety article stated that CBS’s final offer was 10-15% less than what Alex and Scott get. So, it SOUNDS like they were unhappy with not getting the same as Alex and Scott – but what is being missed is what the baseline is. It could very well be that, prior to Alex renegotiating his contract that DDK was making 8% less than Alex. In other words – he would be losing ground by not keeping the same gap between salaries.

      That’s fully on CBS, and not Alex or Scott’s responsibility at all.

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      • You make a very good point. One I wanted to make, but you said it better than i could have said. You and a couple other people have pointed out how we have to pay attention to what has actually been said rather than interpreting things we can’t know. Besides straight up dollars in a contract, there are also required numbers of episodes and other benefits we don’t think about when we aren’t in the business. I agree with those who have said that Scott should not be paid higher than DDK as he has less time on camera as the seasons progress. I certainly don’t think he should get second billing, but somehow he seems to have gotten a golden deal. Maybe GP and DDK getting the same deal would just be too much. I can’t imagine how difficult scheduling has to be with one actor out of state as much as SC is. it would be nearly impossible with 3 core actor trying to do the same thing.
        This site is the first place I have seen info about a new “kono” but I have not been reading H50 social media for much of the summer.
        I am most definitely sad the show is losing DDK. (Kono’s character has never done anything except annoy me but that is not GP’s fault.) I had expected him to exit at some point this season or to at least be around less because of his new production ventures. However, i did not want to see him go for the same reasons so many others have said. He is the only guy on the show who parallels Alex in acting quality and Chin is a balancing presence on the team.
        As far as what this means for the show, I had already assumed this would be the last season. I don’t know whether the attempt to refresh things will make another season more or less likely. I fear producers may try to keep the show going too long and it will end up going out on a bad note. I don’t want that to happen to Alex. Yes, I care about the show mostly for him. I also agree with those who think we may not see him in front of the camera at least for a while after this. I don’t see many options for him in Hawaii, but we can hope there is some business out there we don’t know about.

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  15. Something I’m wondering about is now that Masi Oka is no longer a part of the cast and isn’t drawing a salary, you’d think that there would have been a bit more money to go around for salaries, unless he made so little that whatever increase DDK and Park got offered was what they saved from Oka leaving or the other cast members’ contractual raises took up that amount and left little room for an increase for those two.


    • Mask was replaced by Kimmee and though she isn’t being billed as a regular, she seems to be in the same amount of episodes. I doubt she’s getting what he did, but I don’t think it is enough to make a difference for DDK and Grace.


  16. Daniel Dae Kim has released a statement on FB about his departure:

    Sorry for the delay in hearing from me, but like you I’m sure, my July 4th holiday was busy with friends and family. I’m back now and didn’t want to let any more time go by without reaching out. By now many of you have heard the news, and I’m sad to say it is true. I will not be returning to Hawaii Five-0 when production starts next week. Though I made myself available to come back, CBS and I weren’t able to agree to terms on a new contract, so I made the difficult choice not to continue.

    As sad as it feels to say goodbye, what I feel most is gratitude. I am so deeply thankful to our crew, writers and everyone associated with the show – and especially the cast, who have been nothing but supportive through this entire process. They and the crew have been my second family for seven years and I wish them nothing but success for season 8 – and beyond.

    I also want to say thank you to Peter Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and everyone at CBS. I will always be grateful for their faith in me to bring Chin Ho Kelly to life. As an Asian American actor, I know first-hand how difficult it is to find opportunities at all, let alone play a well developed, three dimensional character like Chin Ho. I will miss him sincerely.

    What made him even more special is that he was a representative of a place my family and I so dearly love. It has been nothing short of an honor to be able to showcase the beauty and people of Hawaii every week, and I couldn’t be prouder to call these islands home. To my local community, mahalo nui loa.

    Finally, I want to thank all of you, the fans. I’ve read your messages and I can’t tell you how much they’ve meant to me. I never, ever forget that YOU are the reason Hawaii Five-0 is the success that it is, and interacting with you online and in person around the world(!) has been one of the greatest joys of this entire experience. I’m so sorry we won’t be continuing this journey together.

    I’ll end by saying that though transitions can be difficult, I encourage us all to look beyond the disappointment of this moment to the bigger picture. The path to equality is rarely easy. But I hope you can be excited for the future. I am. 5-0 continues on after one of its strongest seasons. I’ve got new acting projects on the horizon, and as a producer, my company, 3AD, has its first show, THE GOOD DOCTOR, set to air this fall on ABC. I hope you’ll tune in. There’s a lot to look forward to and I’ll be sure to share it with you. In the meantime,

    Aloha, thank you and Happy Independence Day!


  17. I never saw this as an ensemble cast like “Friends” Clearly AOL is the lead actor followed by the rest of the cast.. DDK has his production company (hope all goes well with that) and GP had the commuting back and forth to Vancouver and possibly the expansion of her family. I don’t buy the racism card either. Maybe money. But again, barking up the wrong tree there. Everybody is replaceable.Just a shame that there won’t be a feeling of Ohana anymore.

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  18. Well said. I’ve (mostly) stayed away from all this (and quite frankly, lost my interest in the show this season), but I really enjoyed reading this post and the comments. Despite all the PR and hoopla, no one except those actually involved can make any assumptions about what’s happened here. But to be frank, this is typical for a show this age. It’s expensive to produce at this point, and contracts for actors naturally get expensive at this point. If GP and DDK don’t get what they want and choose to move on, that’s up to them. Many will say CBS should cough up the money for pay equality. Perhaps, but it’s also business. My best wishes (although I am a little sad to see DDK go). I honestly feel like this has gotten blown way out of proportion. I’ll be interested to see how the show fares going forward, since it has always ebbed and flowed over the years.

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  19. I am very happy that I was on vacation throughout this whole thing. If you are not really involved it is not that dramatic, 😉
    Just one thing all the oh so ‘good’ and ‘pc’ yet hate spewing people out there seem to forget:
    The show is not just about some millionaires in front of the camera. It is about the more than 100 people from Hawaii who are making a living because H50 is on air. They are Ohana too. They are having a job because some people showed real commitment over all these years no matter what, esp. Alex O’Loughlin.

    I am looking forward to Tani and would love it if Duke joins the team. We need another adult now Chin is gone.

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  20. I am so over this. Daniel and Grace are gone. I wish them well. Assigning blame is a waste of time. Now all I want is for the writers to make S8 as good, if not better than the early seasons.

    Dump the carguments which stopped being funny after the first three times. Show us how Steve deals with PTSD. Write a few additional pages into the notebook Doris left under the floor boards. Get some answers from Joe White and stop all the unnecessary second tier story lines designed to fool us into not noticing who is either missing entirely from some episodes or makes a token appearance while someone else carried the load. Acknowledge that a liver transplant and radiation poisoning may have not been good ideas. If Steve needs a brother have a flashback to Freddy or bring back handsome Harry the spy from 702. Or let him be paternal to Nahele. He has Grover to lean on now.

    I wish the new character Tani well and hope she is spared the venom all female characters, except Kono, are forced to endure. I wish the other new hire to the team is Duke after he retires from HPD.

    And a special note to our leader. Announce the return of Cath now while the sh-t is still hitting the fan because of Chin and Kono. No better time than now since you are already dealing with a mess. Get it over with asap.

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  21. That is a lot of publicity for DDK’s new show (he is the producer) The Good Doctor me thinks.

    So it was about diversity? Equality? Advocating asian-american actors?
    The Good Doctor is based on a korean series with the same title.
    I looked up the cast at imbd.
    Leaves a sour taste.

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    • LOL! Right? The cast seems…almost identical as H50 cast. 2 white make leads, for example. The boss and a juvenile…tho this juvenile is actually young.

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  22. The show just announced that Ian Anthony Dale (Adam) is now a series regular and will officially be working for the team. They’ve also added Meaghan Rath as Tani, the former police academy cadet turned lifeguard, and Beulah Koale as Junior Reigns, a former Navy SEAL who asks McGarrett for a job. It’ll be interesting to see how they deal with Kono’s departure now and how these two newbies are used.


    • Can’t see how Adam is qualified to be a member of 5-0. Does every friend of the team get a badge now? This is going to take some fancy writing to explain Adam remaining but Kono is gone. And I have little faith in the writers. The other new ones sound interesting so I will reserve judgement. Two SEALs ought to drive Danny over the edge.

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    • I am! I cannot believe they’ve kept the male dominance ratio! PL must truly have massive physical insecurities to be so frightened/hostile to women…actresses and characters. What a putz. 🙄

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  23. Yeah as really those three stars do not make up for getting rid of Grace and Daniel. In particular the latter. As really like Ian as he is better on Salvation IMHO. But really will give it a try. Reminds me of the original Five 0 in which the original Danny, the late great James MacArthur departed and the show was cancelled due to the lack of his presence. Hope the show continues beyond season 8. But really will never be the same.


  24. Moonjat:

    “Two SEALs ought to drive Danny over the edge.”

    Especially when we start shipping McReigns and the McDannos go over the edge! Bless their little hearts.

    Going into the fan girl protection program now.

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