Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.06

Special Edition

If you think Danny hung the moon, just move on. I don’t claim that I hung the moon, I am just putting my bra on one boob at a time like everybody else. But I had so much fun doing this. Catharsis! If you need that too, enjoy. leiCa


The calm before the storm. When everything’s okay in your and your BFF(Best Furry Friend)’s world.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.05

Finally I had some time.

I really enjoyed this episode (well, minus the part where Danny blames Steve and disrespects Hawaiian culture again, bla bla). I love Alicia and Steve, wouldn’t mind something more between them. Two adults, with a troubled past, who seem to understand each other very well. And it doesn’t hurt that Alex and Claire have great chemistry  and their scenes are intriguing.

But let’s have some fun with Steve, but be aware: It does not, by no means, top the comment coming from a fierce McDanno shipper, who said that Steve could/should never get together with Alicia because – dunn dunn dunn – wait for it – she killed someone in cold blood!!! Don’t expect Let’s pic(k) Steve to be so funny.

Just enjoy! leiCa

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2014 Follow-Up

Ice Bucket Challenge funds ALS gene discovery 
(read the article below the video)

Who would have thought that a fun challenge for a good cause would have such an impact!

So many people helped to make this a success; not just the many celebrities, but also so many ‘normal’ people rising to the challenge.

With creativity and initiative, we all can change the world. At least can help make it a better place for some.

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Still with Bond?

Thanks to a good friend of ours for this link. 🙂

This is an article in today’s Le Matin. If your French isn’t that good, simply use the Translator. 

It basically says that EON Production never asked Idris Elba if he’s interested, they are only interested in Tom Hiddleston and Alex O’Loughlin.

I wouldn’t take any of it too seriously, but the filming for the new Bond is scheduled for 2017, and it is no secret that Daniel Craig does not want to do it anymore.

So, would you like to see Alex as James Bond? (It’s not about if he gets the role or if he’s even interested in it.)