Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.14

Well, as you might have guessed from my last post, I am really miffed at Dannoying. So I think a shock collar should come in handy, but because Steve’s obviously a Saint and because the frequent use of this shock collar would go beyond any normal costs for batteries it is pretty clear that Steve will decide against this option. Yet I am happy that – at least sometimes – Steve does no longer just tolerate Dannoying’s behavior.

Here are my suggestions for some suitable words from Steve to Dannoying.

I promise the fun will be back next episode, but for now Dannoying stole the fun. Until then, enjoy the Steve-faces. Alexpressions. We had tons of them. And I enjoyed the heck out of them. leiCa


S2D: “If you have to hate everything, at least differentiate.”

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.13

Short and quick pic(k) of this episode.

Important topic show picked out as a central theme here. Trust me, I know, but I found it a bit boring. I think the writers got lost and, although I love Grover, I think we’ve got enough of Lou’s background stories.

A question: I know the actors get paid per episode, but does anyone know if they get paid per minutes/seconds they appear on screen? leiCa


The one time I wish I could do some math. Shoulder – Hip ratio anyone? Just if I am devoting myself to sculpture one day…

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episodes 8.10 + 8.11

I didn’t have much time ‘between the years’ and I couldn’t really force myself to watch 8.11 again completely so here we go with a double feature of Let’s pic(k) Steve. I felt sorry for the Vets in the last episode, they deserved better. Actually their acting was pretty impressive, I liked it. The case wasn’t that bad either and I liked Santa McG. I didn’t like the superannoying rest. And now I will shut my mouth. My Christmas tree is still sparkling. Peace. leiCa


Bought a north sea shrimps salad. And now toothbrush heads, printer’s ink, iPhones and razor blades are bloody cheap.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.08

This was a great episode. I loved it. It gave us the Steve we know and love. Badass, hero Steve and caring, considerate and altruistic Steve. With the help of his team he got the job done, at least with most of his team. Someone obviously and literally had no time for Steve.

So, now let’s have a look at what Steve’s up to. Enjoy. leiCa


When you and your helmet make Thor look like shit.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.06

Special Edition

If you think Danny hung the moon, just move on. I don’t claim that I hung the moon, I am just putting my bra on one boob at a time like everybody else. But I had so much fun doing this. Catharsis! If you need that too, enjoy. leiCa


The calm before the storm. When everything’s okay in your and your BFF(Best Furry Friend)’s world.

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Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 8.05

Finally I had some time.

I really enjoyed this episode (well, minus the part where Danny blames Steve and disrespects Hawaiian culture again, bla bla). I love Alicia and Steve, wouldn’t mind something more between them. Two adults, with a troubled past, who seem to understand each other very well. And it doesn’t hurt that Alex and Claire have great chemistry  and their scenes are intriguing.

But let’s have some fun with Steve, but be aware: It does not, by no means, top the comment coming from a fierce McDanno shipper, who said that Steve could/should never get together with Alicia because – dunn dunn dunn – wait for it – she killed someone in cold blood!!! Don’t expect Let’s pic(k) Steve to be so funny.

Just enjoy! leiCa

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