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Anything on the Hawaii Five-0 team in season 8?
I hear there’s going to be another new member of the team — but it’s definitely not who (or what!) you’re expecting. “There is a story that’s coming up, it actually was Alex O’Loughlin’s idea,” EP Peter Lenkov says. “I wanted to do a story where the victim left in the wake of a tragedy was a dog who lost its owner. It’s a very emotional, really great story. It’s a dog that’s a drug sniffing service dog that McGarrett ends up adopting. It’s a really emotional journey, but it was his idea to keep the dog, and I thought that was a great one.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

That is a spoiler I already like. I just hope they find a good way how McGarrett will find the time to take care of the dog. You know, a dog is not like a cat which you can leave alone for many hours. Cats don’t mind much. But dogs are very different, so it will be interesting to see how they will handle this.


Season 8 news

H50 - 725-022

As we learned Season 8 will be without Chin and Kono. To be honest, not a huge surprise. At least about Kono. I think that was clear as day that she wouldn’t come back.

With Chin I hoped they would bring him back, but worried that it wouldn’t happen.

I won’t speculate why they didn’t renew their contacts because quite frankly it is not my place to judge. Without facts it’s just stupid blabla to say the one or other thing. And we won’t get any facts. That is the only fact. 😉

Am I sad about this? Well, I am surely sad not to see Steve and Chin working together in season 8. They were a great team.

Honestly, I won’t miss Kono. Her non-existing story with or without Adam was just not my thing at all. I never warmed up to her character.

But I wish Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park the very best for their future.

Let’s welcome the new characters with open minds. Who knows, we might actually really like them.

‘Hawaii Five-0’ shocker: Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim exit ahead of season 8

Favorites season 7


In the last two weeks you could vote for your top 5 episodes of season seven. And many people participated.

All in all we gathered 667 and 117 votes. Thank you!

Please remember, this is just a silly voting by fans. It has no meaning for the fate of the show, so don’t get pissy if your episode didn’t make it to the top.

Let’s take a look at the results. In my eyes, nothing surprising there. Personally, I think season seven had some really good episodes, I could have voted for more than five this season. Some that were great fun to watch. Yes, often with silly plot holes and other things to complain about. Liver and radiation poisoning aside, I think season seven was one of the best seasons so far. If you manage to ignore those two absolutely ridiculous plots, you have some great action, drama and fun. But more about that in the editorial which is still in the works. Sorry, but I’m very time restricted at the moment.

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Just a thought


You know, I think it is perfectly OK to rant and rave after the fact. Meaning it is OK to complain after you watched an episode. It is OK to voice your displeasure (or pleasure, of course) with some (or all) parts of an episode.

That is, after you have watched it, and have formed an opinion. But I find it strange to get totally worked up over something you haven’t even seen yet.

People read a spoiler that might or might not come true, and are getting totally out of shape over it. No matter how reliable a source you think it might be, as long as you haven’t seen it in an episode, it is just utter rubbish. And not worth losing your sh/t over it.

Personally, I think it is a waste of brainpower, and a form of disrespect to criticize something you haven’t even seen.

I always wonder why people take something, even the most outrageous things, at face value. I have no problem with people saying “if they are going that route, I will not like it”. The operative word here is IF. But lately, people don’t write in that form, they write like a spoiler is the absolute truth and is what will happen.

Bashing something before the fact is wrong, in my eyes. And kills a lot of the fun.

I also tend to react to spoilers, and I have seen some that I absolutely don’t like. But I will hold my judgement until I have seen the final product. Heck, filming is still a few weeks away. So, why not cool your heels, enjoy the rest of the hiatus and you start ranting late September?

What’s your take on all the spoilers that are flooding the internet? And more importantly, do you think it’s worth the trouble to get nuts about it without any real knowledge? Or should one just lean back and wait for what is to come?

Please keep your comments spoiler free.

Your Top 5 episodes of S 7


I hope everyone had enough time to reflect on season.

So, read through the reminder of the season seven episodes and then make your choice.

As an extra bonus you can name your ONE most favorite episode of season 7. Just type in your favorite episode like this 7.24 or 724, or simply 24; it’s all fine.

And then use the poll to name your five eps in no particular order.

The poll will be open for two weeks.

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7.25 Review

H50 - 725-Pic

7.25  –  Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono

McGarrett risks his life when Five-0 attempts their most dangerous rescue yet of young girls trapped in the sex trafficking ring they have been tracking this year. Also, Kono, deeply affected by the case, makes a life-changing decision, on the seventh season finale of HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono to The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness

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