Happy 2021

A difficult year comes to an and. Surely, everyone had the one or other tragedy or hardship in their life.

Hopefully, everyone had love, laughter and fun in it, too.

Let us all hope that the coming year will bring us all more of the latter.

We all here at Mostly wish you all the absolute best for 2021.

And yes, we will be back next year with new content. Some of it Alex/Hawaii Five-0 related, and hopefully other interesting stuff. We took a long break to figure out what to do with the blog after Five-0 is no more.

We also like to thank all of you for visiting this blog over the years.

Please be safe.

Let’s pic(k) Steve!

Episode 4.01

I’m back!

This was such a good episode! The beginning of McGrover. And Badass Steve. And Alex doing the forbidden helicopter jump. And lots of BAM BOOM BANG.

Steve is awesome. Steve is awesome. Steve is awesome.

Steve is awesome because Alex made him awesome. Enjoy! ~leiCa

Ashampoo_Snap_2020.08.03_14h28m33s_001_Hawaii Five-0 - Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi - VLC media player
And all of a sudden Steve became InGrid.

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PL no longer EP

Here are my two cents about the latest development with #H50.


It’s easy to judge, especially if you don’t have all the facts.

We all should refrain from it. It’s not our position to do so, and it is for sure not our position to revert to name calling.

Yes, I do feel for everyone who had to work under harsh, and even demeaning conditions. That is something that should not happen.

But who believes all is just perfectly wonderful, just because it looks that way at first glance, seems to live in a fantasy world. Yes, this is directed at the ones always calling him boss and praising him to high heaven. 😉

Was this expected? In some way, yes. But surely not to this extent. There have been many small incidents here and there. But again, we don’t know the facts, and most likely will never know. So, I will not participate in the bashing that already started. And sadly, not just directed at PL.

Be kind to each other, be better than others. Don’t judge about something you have no knowledge of.

Hopefully this will be another step in the right direction.

Pic(k)turesque pic(k)nic?

Hey, guys!

I’ve got a question. You want me to invite Steve to a little pic(k)nic? Are you interested in a comeback of Let’s pic(k) Steve?

I think a lot of us are not really ready to let Steve McGarrett go completely, maybe once in a while we should take a look what he’s been up to? Take a look at all the Alexpressions?

What do you say? ~leiCa


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